Our June Meeting Is Canceled

Due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict, our June meeting featuring Mark Hourigan has been canceled. More than 250 encorepreneurs had registered for the meeting, and we are working to reschedule Mark in the near future.  Stay tuned!

OUR NEXT "IN-PERSON" BREAKFAST - Tuesday, July 26 - 7:30 AM

Vice President & Director of Athletics at VCU

At The Siegel Center


Encorepreneur is a community whose goal is to help its members make their next business & personal accomplishments as successful, full of purpose and fun as they have been in the past. 
Encorepreneurs have never been content to go with the flow or to take the easiest path. They are leaders, learners, explorers, creators and builders. Some are approaching the end of their careers & others are just finishing up one "gig" and looking for another. 

Today, they are ready for an encore performance. That's why we call them "encorepreneurs."  

We hope you will join us at an upcoming breakfast.

Gary LeClair  &  Stan Maupin
Founders of Encorepreneur

1801 E. Cary Street  -  Richmond, VA 23223  -  804-986-1403

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