Our Most Recent Zoom Virtual Breakfast  - May 21

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Additional Guests Included 
Ellen Cockerham Riccio - backyardviolinist.com
Dr. Frank Gupton - Founder of Medicines for All Institute and Phlow Corporation

At Encorepreneur’s second virtual meeting, Dr. Bob Holsworth of DecideSmart spoke and answered questions about the landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic in Virginia, the challenge of balancing public health with economic recovery, and the key questions confronting policymakers going forward. Confined to home by the pandemic, he's developed a daily Facebook report analyzing Virginia-based data on COVID-19 and exploring the personal and policy choices that the disease has raised.

We also had a mini-performance by Ellen Cockerham Riccio, the Principal Second Violinist with the Richmond Symphony. Ellen founded the non-profit Classical Revolution RVA to bring classical music to a wider audience by booking muscians at retaurants and other popular venues. Since the beginning of scoail distancing guidelines, she began backyardviolinist.com to perform in backyards and outdoor venues for properly distanced events. 

Dr. Gupton spoke at our April Virtual Breakfast about Medicines for All Institute and returned in May to fill us in on the recently awarded $354 million federal government contract to Richmond start-up, Phlow Corporation, to develop a domestic manufacturing capability for critical pharmaceuticals. You can learn 


A Conversation With Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger  
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The Great American Eclipse Road Trip  

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Suzanne Zeta From "Naked and Afraid"

Encorepreneur is a community whose goal is to help its members make their next business & personal accomplishments as successful, full of purpose and fun as they have been in the past. 
Encorepreneurs have never been content to go with the flow or to take the easiest path. They are leaders, learners, explorers, creators and builders. Some are approaching the end of their careers & others are just finishing up one "gig" and looking for another. 

Today, they are ready for an encore performance. That's why we call them "encorepreneurs."  

We hope you will join us at an upcoming breakfast.

Gary LeClair  &  Stan Maupin
Founders of Encorepreneur

"We are learning where the gold lies. Our prospecting suggests that it lies in engaging with others, laughing, learning, listening, accepting, appreciating, loving."

Gary LeClair - Sept Issue of Fifty Plus

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