A Message From the Founders

Encorepreneur! is an organization for leaders who are thinking about "what's next" in their careers and their personal lives.

We are fortunate to have been among the founders of two business organizations that have served those companies for the last two decades – The Richmond Venture Forum and RichTech. Those two organizations were successful because they helped link the most active members of two large, growing business communities. 

Today, many of our colleagues, friends and associates are beginning to think about the next stage of their lives, and that brings a whole new set of challenges and opportunities. We believe these opportunities and challenges create a need for a new community.   

As a result, we have started encorepreneur! a new organization that we think will be of interest to the many business, professional, government and civic leaders that have been our partners in working in Richmond’s exciting business sector during the last 30 years. 

The goal of encorepreneur! is to help us and our many “boomer” friends make their next business and personal accomplishments as successful, full of purpose and as fun as they have been in the past.

We launched the group with plans for a number of monthly events that showcase a diverse group of indivduals, topics and venues that will be of interest to business leaders contemplating the next stage of their careers. We hope you agree and will join us in building a new community. 

Welcome to encorepreneur! 

Gary LeClair  Stan Maupin


For more than 30 years, Gary LeClair has served as securities and outside general counsel to middle-market and emerging growth companies, private equity and venture capital firms. He has led hundreds of private and public financings, joint ventures, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions and other domestic and international transactions. He graduated from WIlliam & Mary and Georgetown University Law School and is currently a partner at Williams Mullen


Stan Maupin is a serial entrepreneur with more than 35 years of experience working with early stage businesses as a founder of and senior executive in start-up and rapid growth companies and as a high impact financial and strategic consultant to individuals, businesses and organizations. In addition to his work with civic and non-profit organizations, he has been active on both a volunteer and professional basis with political campaigns at the local, state and national levels. More.....

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