Hosting A Breakfast

Would your organization like to host a breakfast? 

Do you know of a place that would be a great place to visit?

One of our objectives for our encorepreneur! Breakfast series is to introduce our guests to businesses, schools, museums, churches and other places they might not otherwise visit. Another is to highlight deserving organizations and venues to our audience of leaders of the RVA community. 

We have visited more than 65  different locations in the RVA area, and we are very grateful for the hospitality of our hosts. We have plans for a number of new locations in the next year, and we expect to revisit some of our favorites. 

However, we are always on the lookout for new places to visit.

If you know of a location that might be interested in hosting a visit in the future, please take a look at the information below and contact us if you would like to schedule a phone call or a visit.


Our breakfasts typically are attended by about 175-225 people and begin at 7:30 am and end before 9:00 am. We usually have bagels, pastries and coffee supplied by an outside vendor (usually Panera Catering). On some occasions, our hosts provide the refreshments, but it is certainly not required.

Following are typical requirements for a breakfast. However, please consider them general guidelines and note that we are most interested in providing a good experience for our guests, and we will be glad to work with hosts to overcome any difficulties.

    • Registration. Because of the hour, people usually arrive in a relatively tight time frame, so we need space for registration that will easily accommodate three 6-8 feet long tables and have easy access and allow an easy flow into and out of the registration area.
    • Breakfast: We need a large open space for 3 or 4 tables to hold the refreshments and to accommodate the guests for networking and enjoying the pastries and coffee while standing.
    • Program Space: After the networking, we move the guests into an area for the morning program. Generally, we need seats for a minimum of 150 people in a theater style arrangement. The seating arrangement should be considered a guideline rather than a requirement. We have been seated in rented chairs, auditorium seats, church pews, stadium seats, dining hall chairs and have even been known to stand.
    • A/V Equipment: Some of our programs require projectors and other a/v equipment, but others do not. We work with our hosts to make our program meet the requirements/availability of the space,
    • Tables:  As described above, we typically need the equivalent of a minimum of 6 tables that are 6-8 feet long - 3 for the coffee and pastries and 3 for registration.
    • Parking: Parking is often the most difficult requirement to meet. Since we meet at 7:30 am, very few people share rides, so we need almost as many spaces as attendees. 


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