Encorepreneur! is not a membership organization. It is a community of like-minded individuals who:

  • want to explore "what's next" in their career or life
  • have a willingness to explore things that might be outside their comfort zone
  • have a desire to learn and improve
  • care about their communities

All you have to do to become an encorepreneur is to provide your contact information below. You will be added to our email list and will receive invitations to our meeting and an occasional update. We do not sell your contact information or send you advertisements. Many of oour events sell out in a matter of days, so we encourage you to register for Upcoming Events as soon as possible after they are announced. 


There is no charge for attendance at our breakfasts thanks, in part, to more than 150 encorepreneurs who have become Supporting Encorepreneurs. In return for their commitment, Supporting Encorepreneurs receive:

  • A reserved spot for themselves and a guest at every breakfast. All they have to do is register by the end of the day before the event.
  • A special name tag that indicates their support.
  •  A listing in the Encorepreneur! Directory featured on this website. 
  • The ability to directly contact other encorepreneurs who have opted to be listed like you. 

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