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    • 17 Dec 2019
    • 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM
    • 200 South 10th Street - Richmond 23219



    Most people think that 5G technology is just a faster version of the 4G they have on their phone - it's just no big deal.  That may be true in the short run. But in the long run, 5G may have a more disruptive  impact on your life than the development of the cell phone. And some of that impact may not be positive.

    Probodh Chiplunkar will talk about just what 5G is and how it might impact our lives. Probodh is a partner in the Henrico based technology consulting firm ProfitOptics where he is responsible for the ITHENA Connected Products platform. He most recently led the Digital Transformation Business Unit at KPIT Technologies, where he was responsible for digital thought leadership across the company’s operations in  Europe, USA, Japan, China, Thailand and India.

    Some of the promises of 5G technology include:

    • Remotely operated electric air taxis that carry passengers high above rush-hour traffic
    • Smart glasses that connect blind people with remote human guides
    • Wearable sensors providing real-time information about vital signs, falls, or physical activity
    • Self-driving cars that send data between other cars, traffic lights, road sensors, and aerial drones
    • Millions of new jobs and billions or trillions of dollars to the US economy.

    But there’s a potential downside too. 5G may also bring:

    • 800,000 new cell towers to the US
    • A technology arms race between the United States and China that we may be likely to lose
    • Faster, deadlier, less human warfare, and a more vulnerable military control system
    • Possible health risks  for humans and animals from new kinds of EMF fields
    • A "Big Brother" like capability tht will track our every move

    Join us in December to learn what you need to know about 5G technologies.


    200 S. 10th Street - Richmond, VA 23219

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