Encorepreneur! is all about stepping outside the box, and one way to do that is to visit new places. Until COVID-19 forced us to ZOOM, one of our gpoals was to help our attendees "take a differnt way to home" as often as possible. That is, we wanted to introduce our guests to places they might not have visited in the area.

As you can see from the map below, we have visited more than 50 different venues all over the Richmond metropolitcan area.

When we started the group. we would never have believed that Richmond had so many interesting places to visit - or so many people willing to host our breakfasts. But since our first meeting in a "Corrugated Box", more than 50 organizations have welcomed the opportunity to show us who they are and what they do. We've been in downtown Richmond a lot, but we've also been in Manchester, Southside, Glen Allen, Scott's Addition, Ashland and the West End.

Among the more than 50 different locations we have visited in person are:

  • A  mosque, a synagogue, a chapel, and a church
  • A swimming pool, a baseball stadium, a NASCAR track, a driving range, and a shuffleboard court
  • 3 museums, 2 art galleries, a library, a theatre, a ballet studio and a war memorial
  • High schools, a community college, a couple of universities and the Police Academy
  • A B&B, a hostel and an apartment building
  • A recording studio, a law firm, an historic event venue and a few other businesses
  • Cewlebrities including Miss America 2021, Patrick Henry & Thomas Jefferson, & reality TV star 
  • And, the homes of Bert & Ernie, Nutzy the Squirrel, the Washington Commodores & the VCU Rams

Now that we are using Zoom, we are trying to do the same thing virtually. Until we can return to in-person visits, we hope to take you to even more new places through the power of technology.  Recently we virtually visited three new locations for:

        • A special holiday concert by some great local musicians at the In Your Ear music studios
        • An introduction to the Richmond visual arts scene at Crossroads Arts Center
        • An introduction to the offices of local Congresswoman Abigail Spanberge

Stay tuned for more in coming months!

Thanks to all of our generous Encorerpreneur! hosts! 

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