Encorepreneur! is all about stepping outside the box, and one way to do that is to visit new places. 

When we started the group. we would never have believed that Richmond had so many interesting places to visit - or so many people willing to host our breakfasts. 

But since our first meeting in a "Corrugated Box", more than 30 organizations have welcomed the opportunity to show us who they are and what they do. We have visited:

      • A  mosque, a synagogue and a church
      • A museum, an art gallery and a war memorial
      • High schools, a community college, a couple of universities and the Police Academy
      • A B&B, a hostel and an apartment building
      • A recording studio, a law firm and a few other businesses
      • And, the homes of Bert & Ernie, Nutzy the Squirrel and the Redskins

We've also seen a lot of the area. As you can see on the map below, we've been in downtown Richmond a lot, but we've also been in Manchester, Southside, Glen Allen, Scott's Addition, Ashland and the West End.

And that is just the beginning. We have more than a dozen new locations that we will be visiting in the future and the list seems to grow each month.

Click on the names below to learn more about Encorepreneur!'s places.

Thanks to all of our generous Encorerpreneur! hosts! 

1801 E. Cary Street  -  Richmond, VA 23223  -  804-986-1403

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