"Whiskey Business" - Michelle Davenport - Three Crosses Distilling

  • 24 Sep 2019
  • 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM
  • The Virginia Cliffe Inn - 2900 Mountain Road - Glen Allen


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Michelle Davenport

Three Crosses Distilling Company

If they ever do a movie about our Septemeber breakfast speakers, they should call it "Whiskey Business" and hire Tom Cruise and Rebecca DeMornay as the leads..

Imagine starting a business where it’s a federal crime to make and test your product, you can’t sell more than a one-day supply to each customer, and you are taxed on how much product you make – not what you sell. Despite these issues and more, John and Michelle Davenport launched Three Crosses Distillery in Powhatan last year. They just celebrated their first anniversary making and selling their distilled spirits (rum, vodka and whiskey) at a location at the corner of Rt. 60 and Rt. 13 - a road that used to be traveled by mooshiners. You can also find their products on the shelves of Virginia’s ABC stores.  Whiskey Business and hire Tom Cruise and Rebecca DeMornay as the leads..

Seven years ago, Michelle bought John a one-gallon brass still that, according to Federal law, could be owned, but not operated, except to distill “essential oils” made from citrus, lavender and other ingredients. John learned to operate the still as a hobby but, when the risk of “revenuers” raiding their garage became too great, they took the plunge and became the first people to produce legal corn whiskey in Powhatan County. Today they operate two stills (called Boss Hog and Daisy) that total 400 gallons. The young company recently won a silver and a bronze medal at the New York International Spirits Convention.  

John is a veteran who grew up among family and friends who made spirits as part of life, and he loves the history and lore of that heritage. Michelle loves bourbon and wanted a spirit she could call her own, and she is now one of the few female distillers in Virginia. Together, have started a business in one of the most restrictive regulatory environments faced by any business.


2900 Mountain Road - Glen Allen

In September we have been invited back to the Virginia Cliffe Inn in Glen Allen where we last visited in Spring of 2017. The Inn is a great place for a May meetings because the tree lined grounds are so pretty and parking could not be easier. We will enjoy a fresh May morning outside at this historic B&B.

The Virginia Cliffe  Inn is a Bed & Breakfast and event venue located approximately 15 minutes north of the City of Richmond, in the heart of historic Glen Allen, Virginia. The Inn sits on six private wooded acres which include beautiful gardens, manicured lawns and a swan pond. Its location on Mountain Road offers the perfect place to explore the diverse historic surroundings or just relax and enjoy the inn's many amenities.


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