• 28 Jan 2020
  • 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM
  • U-Turn Sports Academy - 2101 Maywill St, Richmond, VA 23230


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Wyatt Durrette

January 28, 2020   - 7:30 AM - U-Turn Sports Academy

There are always too many Democratic congressmen, too many Republican congressmen, and never enough US congressmen.  Author Unknown

Wyatt Durrette, a trial lawyer, former member of the General Assembly, and former Republican candidate for Governor is something of an expert on gerrymandering. He has written about it, helped produce a documentary about it (GerryRigged - Turning Democracy On It's Head), and even argued against it before the Virginia Supreme Court. Today, Wyatt believes that increased partianship and computerized vote counting has resulted in "gerrymandering on steroids", and experts estimate that this has unfairly shifted the political majority in more than 50 Congressional districts in recent elections. 

Members of the Virginia legislature are in charge of drawing their own districts In Virginia, but both red and blue members of the Virginia legislature seemed poised to pass legislation in the next 60 days to implement some form of independent redistricting. Every Congressional, state Senate and General Assembly district will be redrawn in late 2020 based on what they enact. The next 60 days will be the last chance to make changes before new lines are drawn for the next decade.  

At our January meeting, Wyatt will talk about the strategy behind different plans being proposed in the legislure and will bring an update from Brian Cannon, the Executive Director of One Virginia 2021the non-partisan group promoting fair redistricting in Virginia.  He will also talk about how you can help make sure every vote counts in the future. 


U-Turn Sports
Performance Academy

U-Turn Sports Performance Academy is a faith-based, non-profit dedicated to changing the culture of youth sports in the Richmond Virginia Area. The organization is housed in the former corporate headquarters of Circuit City about a mile northeast of Willow Lawn. The facility includes 4 full sized basketball courts that can be converted into a large auditorium-like space and several smaller event spaces. It also rents space to a number of other non-profits and is the future home of a resource sharing organization that will support those and many other non-profits. 


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