"A Conversation With Abigail Spanberger"

Just three weeks after Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger was sworn in as a member of the 116th Congress, she shared a personal view of her journey from the days when she wrote her diary in a secret code to avoid a sister's prying eyes, through her years as a CIA operative, and finally to the US Congress.

Nancy Eberhardt, author of "Uncommon Candor" , a book focused on the importance of candor in business and life, engaged Abnigail in a conversation that focused on her encorepreneurial  career and, except for a brief update on the government shutdown, we avoided political topics. Abigail responded with enthusiasm, grace and humor, and gave us an insight into her life that we seldom get from politicians. 

With the financial support of our partner, WellcomeMD, we produced a video of the event. A link to the entire program can be found here, and some of the highlights of the morning are included below. We hope you enjoy them.

Video Clips from "A Conversation With Abigail Spanberger"

"We should fIght for things we need, not with each other" 

"I got on the Republican bus - It wasn't  as crowded"

“Members of Congress should put their salary on the llne too”

"A special family moment on election night"

"Be yourself is the best advice I received"

A new job perspective – "Is anyone in prison in Iran?" 

"Telling your mother-in-law that you are a spy"

"Law enforcement is a great learning experience"

"An update on the government shutdown"

Thank you to our partners, Linda Nash, Dr. Carl Neal, and WellcomeMD whose support allowed us to produce the video "A Conversation With Abigail Spanberger", and make it available online. 


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